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Thailand, the country smiles, Asian tourist paradise ... is the familiar name of this country, a country with a long history of development with a unique culture and especially industry flourishing tourism industry. Coming here, tourists will visit scenic spots and famous attractions of Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phukhe such as the Royal Palace,, ethnic cultural village Nong Nooch, Wat Chiang Mai, Phang Nga Bay ...; attend as many shows excellent performance: Alcaza Cabaret - Tiffany show, Siam Niramit show, magic show ... Tuxedo; enjoy a variety of fruits, agricultural products Thai famous such as durians, mangosteens, soursop ... Tourist surely will be fulfilling to visit, learn, shop, and enjoy special experiences more Have fun on the trip.
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DAY 1: TP. HO CHI MINH BANGKOK (snack on the plane)

  • Morning : HDV and Tourism Western pickup at 13h45  at the corporate office and transfer to Tan Son Nhat airport or on columns of 12, port D2 (2nd floor) international terminal at Tan Son Nhat airport , flight procedures welcomes TK 69 20H25-21H40   go Thailand .
  • To Suvarnabhumi Airport - Bangkok , Customers are greeted by garlands of beautiful girl customary Thai, local car and HDV welcomed the delegation of the hotel.
  • In the evening, teams are free to explore and overnight in Bangkok.

DAY 2: BANGKOK  PATTAYA (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • Morning: breakfast at the team hotel. Making room procedures. Departure to Pattaya. On the way you stop to visit '' Four face Buddha - Four Faces Buddha '   is the famous sacred statues are revered Thai place in the heart of Bangkok. Guest blessing, pray for peace, ... for the family fortune.
  • Noon: Union Lunch Buffet at Baiyoke Sky building 86 floors  with over 100 dishes from many different countries such as Thailand, South Korea, Japan, ... Guest photography, panoramic view of Bangkok .
  • Departure to Pattaya , a tourist city famous Orient Beach.
  • On the way stop to visit Camp Tiger - Sriracha Tiger Zoo , the group can explore many interesting things such as pigs - dogs living with tigers, pigs do the math, watch the show attractive, with a little fun and adventure as racing pigs, circus crocodile.
  • Continue union stopped visiting Butterfly Garden - Butterfly Garden, union mining processes to learn Thai Yen, Yen enjoy tea, honey tea Golden Triangle. Union could buy products here such as: Honey Golden Triangle, Yen Chao, Cao Ho ...
  • Pattaya hotel union check.
  • Visiting the House of Happiness - Baan Sukhawadee ,  castle building magnificent palatial beachfront palace modeled on Versailles, new sights and attractions in Pattaya. Here, you visit a harmonious architectural complex, unique, and can also experience the personal philosophy and spiritual depth.
  • PM: Dinner. In the evening, the group freely explore Pattaya - sleepless city.
  • Overnight in Pattaya.

DAY 3: PATTAYA (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • Morning: Delegation breakfast, you are free swimming at a private beach, pool bath, ... at the hotel.
  • Noon: Lunch. Take your car to the scene Phra TAMAK Hill prospect , where a panoramic view of the city Hotel Pattaya. Also tourists can be ignited blessing, the blessing for the family.
  • Visit and learn the process of mining and processing of precious stones at Gems World Company.
  • Visit Elephant Camp where you witness firsthand the daily life of the elephant and the mahout can hand for eating elephant (own expense), customers can participate in 'Riding Elephant ', it will take about three to five minutes early to get acquainted with new feelings tilting seat, lurched on the backs of elephants so big but gentle interesting and attractive ..
  • Visiting Farm Sheep (Sheep Farm) new attractions opened in June 2013 from the play area is very loved by children. Here you can let the sheep eat, take photos with the adorable animals while you enjoy free buffet of seasonal Bonds.
  •  Evening: Dinner and teams enjoy excellent programs Alcaza cabaret show - by the beautiful transsexual performers.
  •  Overnight in Pattaya.

DAY 4: PATTAYA BANGKOK (Breakfast, Lunch)

  • Morning: Delegation breakfast, check-out procedures.
  •  Depart for Bangkok, stopping en route to visit 'Muang Boran - Ancient Siam Park' or also called 'Thailand miniature'  where copies build structures unique famous through the ages such as: Prehistoric, Statue Dvaravati, Khmer ancient temple sixteenth century, Lanna Temple Sukhothai, ancient city of Ayutthaya, Imperial Palace Grand Place, restaurants, cafes ancient history of ancient Thailand, ....
  • Back to Bangkok, visit tanning facilities for various types of souvenirs crafted exquisitely made ​​from crocodile leather, stingray ...
  • Noon: After taking the afternoon, the delegation to visit Camp Snake , snake watching attractive circus performances, and in the process learn snake venom processed into therapeutics.
  • Then the delegation Pagoda Boat , a special architecture and brings a deep spiritual meaning for the Thai people, was built over 200 years ago in the shape of a boat symbolizing the trade with foreign countries. Union's river landing can take pictures line the Chao Phraya temple and watch the fish live naturally abound.
  •  PM: You visit the shop at Seacon spuare . (Guest dinner in the shopping mall excluded).
  • Delegation to the hotel to rest, Overnight in Bangkok.


  • Delegation breakfast at the hotel, check-out procedures.
  • Afternoon visit Vimanmek Palace, also known as the Imperial Palace, Wood , this is made ​​of teak wood palace yellow world's largest, was built in the reign of King Rama V in 1901 to this offer you not only admire the harmony and uniqueness of this palace can watch the throne and many antiques and decorations used in the royal palace during periods Or visit '' Supply Electricity Ananta Samakhom 'security Royal Museum architecture AM European style.
  • Depart from central Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, had lunch at the airport.
  • Procedures for flight TK 68 15H35-17H05   the city. Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Arriving at Tan Son Nhat Airport in HCMC. Farewell, end tour.


  • Children under 2 years: 2.68 million VND. Eligibility: airfare, insurance. Sleeping with the family compound.
  • Children 2 to under 12 years: 5.98 million VND. Eligibility: airfare, meals, car seat, insurance. Stay with the family, if you want separate sleeping beds closed 6.38 million VND.
  • Children 12 years and older: the adult tour price. 

Note: Children age in days ending tour.


  • Airport taxes, security fees, fuel surcharge.
  • Airfare SGN - BANGKOK - SGN ​​on  Turkish Airlines  or  VJA .

TK69 SGN / BKK 20:25 -21: 50 VJ8901 SGN / BKK 11H30-13H00

TK 68 BKK / SGN 15:35 to 17:05 VJ8902 BKK / SGN 14H00-15H30     

  • Hotel: Standard: 2-3 guests / room.  

_  Bangkok 3 star:  PALAZZO, SILVER SUITE, Ratchada nearby hotels or equivalent.

_  Pattaya 4 star:   ASIA Pattaya or equivalent hotels.

  • Meals, sightseeing program.
  • 01 bottles of mineral water of 0.5 liters / day.
  • Newer cars, air conditioned shuttle program.
  • Local Guide + Head Tourism Western Union served during the tour.
  • Gifts: hats, leather passport bags, travel bags.
  • You are entitled to  Travel Insurance  with the maximum level of compensation for  210 million VND / pax .


  • The personal expenses: dining programs, telephone, laundry ...
  • Excess baggage than the airlines' regulations.
  • Vietnam Visa  for visitors with foreign passports, including overseas Vietnamese (the first time visitors visa),  costs VND 1,300,000 / pax.
  • Fostering staff restaurants and hotels.

Tips for tour guide and local driver: 65,000 VND / person / day.             


  • Passport expiry date of at least 6 months (As of the end of the tour).
  • Guests foreign nationals must have a visa to enter Vietnam before expiry to the date of departure.
  • Guest Vietnam visa exemption may not exceed 90 days from the date of entry until the end of tour.
  • Please provide complete and accurate personal information such as name and passport name, number Pasport, phone numbers, contacts ...
  • Customers please  deposit 4.000.000vnd / customers  when signing up and paying off tour before departure date is 4 days.


  • Cancellation after registration: 50% deposit fee.
  • Cancellation before 07 days from the date of departure: non-refundable deposits.
  • Cancellation before 04 days from departure date: 75% penalty on the total tour price.
  • Cancellation after this time limit charge 100% of total tour price.

Note: the date stated is based on working days.


  • When touring, customer carry a Visa (for overseas Vietnamese), Passport.
  • Gasoline tax rates may change depending on the time of ticket.
  • In case you do not exit and entry because of personal reasons, West Tourism will not be responsible and will not bear the costs incurred and not refunding ticket (in case you do not go be).
  • The order of sights may vary due to objective problems such as weather, traffic going ... but still ensure enough points stated in the program.
  • In the case of force majeure, such as terrorism, riots, natural disasters, changes in airline schedules, trains ...  West Tourism Company will actively change the route or cancel the tour due upon Comfort and safety of our customers and is not responsible for compensation for the costs incurred .
  • Identification such as Passport, Visa; money; valuable asset ... you are free to hold, it is best to send in hotel reception room risky situations. South West Tourism is not responsible for any offer you make the case papers misplaced or lost personal property.
  • Flight of the customer's ticket when delegation procedures should necessarily do the same at the union. Due to the  Group tickets can not be postponed , if the other days will not be a refund.
  • Children traveling with parents must have a birth certificate, in the absence of accompanying parents must have written authorization from parents for accompanying adults must be certified by the local government. 


  1. Time and place focus:
  2. On departure please the customer focused office  Tourists  West  regular hours are  13h45  am or  17H45  in  Column No. 12, Gate D2 (2nd floor) International Terminal away from Tan Son Nhat airport  (if rather Change the Head of Tourism Western Union will announce a specific call in the afternoon one day before departure). South West Tourism is not responsible in case focuses not on time.
  3. When you take a taxi to the meeting point, please pay immediately in the car, do not take money or wallet, purse to pay the car off.
  4. Contact Information:
    1. Western Union Tourism chief: will provide contact and telephone number for the customer in the afternoon one day before departure.
    2. Tour Operator:         Nguyen Nhu Huyen Tel: 0946.4141.42
    3. Phone company: 0703 95 95 78

Preparation before the trip:

  • Please bring along passport (original).
  • Hotels in Thailand despite 3 to 4 star standards, but not equipped with personal items such as slippers, comb, toothbrush and toothpaste should offer you please bring it for use during the trip.
  • System plugged local drive using 3-spoke often, customer should be equipped with a 2-pin to change to charge for carry electronic devices.
  • The company has prepared medical box, but you should bring drugs used acquainted with their physical or drug treatment separately (in case guests are treated).

Contact Information

  • Vietnam and Thailand with time zone making it convenient for the time of union activities.


  • Currency: USD 1 BATH change about 30 Thai (THB) / 100 BATH about 60,000 VND exchange (rates may vary according to the time).

      Customers should change the money into dollars from Vietnam. As the host country can exchange money at airports, banks, exchange offices in shopping centers or through local tour guides change behalf. Should change money at the counter legally licensed and regularly check the rate before the change.

  • Traffic in Thailand according to right-hand drive system, vehicles with more diverse means of transport such as tuk tuk, taxi, metro, skytrain ... Taking a taxi is the most convenient, cost about 35 baht / 2km first (or price agreement before the car); tuk tuk prices will be calculated depending on the route before the deal, the price is relatively cheap but quite reckless driving and had more shopping.
  • Calling from Vietnam to Thailand: + 66xxxxxxx
  • Calling from Thailand to Vietnam: some tables 00.84.8xxxxxxx; Mobile Number: 00.84. "Mobile number at the top left of 0" Also the phone can call at a public telephone stations or card spending dropped coins or outright purchase mobile Sim in VN. At the hotel can call on VN but relatively high prices.
  • You remember the phone number of the local Instructor and Head of Tourism Western Union. When going out be sure to bring the customer the hotel name card for easy travel.


  • Vietnam customs regulations if carrying less than $ 5,000 and not 15.000.000vnd the customs declaration. Buy tax-free if the value returned from 500 USD.
  • Your guests have brought cameras, camera worth over 500 USD Please declared in the customs declaration to not be taxed when entering Vietnam.
  • If carrying tapes to be moderated before carrying out overseas.
  • Luggage:  15kg luggage and letters sent 5kg of hand luggage . If excess to pay the prescribed fee of aviation. Do not bring the kind of national prohibition. Hand luggage is not so sharp objects made ​​of metal.
  • If the customer is overseas Vietnamese or foreigners, please bring Passport, Visa Vietnam, when the Foreign immigration check. Case 1 Visa, Western tourists will please dispatch procedures and re-enter the VN under the fee provisions of the Immigration Department of Highway VN, guests must bring two 4x6 photos. South West Tourism Company is not responsible for the case of forgetting or not declared.  
    1. Weather and attire:
  • Weather Southern Thailand like our country, 2 dry and wet seasons but little rain, prolonged heat balance, you should bring clothes and other items suitable sunscreen.
  • Remember to bring your umbrella ranked 1 to prevent the sudden tropical rain.
  • Remember to bring your sneakers or sandals to ride spots, visit the campus.
  • Morning of the scheduled visit the Royal Palace, please wear dignified, open-necked shirt not, must have sleeves, long pants to ankle, skirts to the knees.
    1. Eat and drink - Entertainment - Shopping:
  • Thai usually taste sour, spicy, but the company has advised him on a tour of the restaurant taste of Vietnamese cooking. Where vegetarian diet please press tour registration.
  • There are many restaurants, cafes style States, Europe ... open very late. Private Thai restaurants sour and spicy taste.
  • Upon returning from the sights you'll see our hotel, we may refuse or be taken to support the local population with reasonable price.
  • When shopping at the local market price and the customer should be asked to pay the price, so by reminding the local tour guides.Private shopping centers, large supermarkets have quoted prices available.
  • In addition, local tour guides or team leader will advise the customer of the same healthy recreation visitors have the opportunity to discover more about where they are coming.
  • Evening outings are relatively safe, but should avoid traveling alone and away in solitary places, can go by taxi or walking group (in Pattaya) will be more convenient.

General note:

  • For complete tour, please follow the administration of local tour guides and Head of Western Union Tourism focuses hours, visit ... 
  • Customers visiting please come concentrated in groups (tourists HDV ensign Western Union) to hear explanations and avoid mass communication.
  • Tours usually last from morning to night in the hotel. If for some reason it does not participate in a tour or a meal, please inform the local team leader or tour guide for instructions on entering the union locations.
  • If you experience problems with the locals, the customer should not be resolved, contact the local team leader or tour guide for assistance.
  • Customers use caution when traveling in the sights, not to stand, climb in unsafe places. Be careful when walking on the street, passers.Families with children please observe and care for your baby carefully.
  • To keep the environment clean tourism, sustainability, please do not litter public places, climb, draw up written monuments. Always respect and preserve cultural identity where you're coming.

Absolutely not littering, smoking table where prohibited. Violators will be fined heavily


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