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            Miền Tây Tourist Limited Company with branch of Miền Tây Tourist in Tiền Giang and Vĩnh Long, with many business sector.

            Passenger transport by inland waterway with more than 40 large and small boats are beautifully designed, modern luxury and served tours of the Long, Lân, Qui, Phụng Islet of the Bến Tre province.

           We have one restaurant specialize in Tây Nam Bộ cuisine with the name Miền Tây Riverside Restaurant, which can accommodate 700 guests with a staff quickly mobility enthusiastic, attentive and professional. Serving tourists inbound and outbound, especially restaurant located in a beautiful location, riverside landscape and advantages to the ecotourism in Tiền Giang and Bến Tre province.

           We have two kind of accommodation services.First is homestay and second is the tourist tent with beautiful design and convenience . It’s very suitable for the guest who like to live in the natural space to discovery and experience.

           Besides Miền Tây Tourist also tourist business inbound and outbound to meet the demands of the tourist.

          Our company regular organized many kind of tourism programs inbound and outbound such as: ecotourism, cultural tourism, MICE,…The inbound tour: Bến Tre, Cần Thơ, Phú Quốc, Nha Trang, Đà Lạt, Vũng Tàu, Huế, Hội An, Hạ Long Bay, Hà Nội…and the outbound: Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Campodia… to leave good impression in the heart of each customer.

          Our slogan is “ Your happiness is our success” Miền Tây Tourist hope that we will bring joy, comfort, useful and enjoyable experiences in each journey, We try to refresh our service and quality for building up a reputation, success of the brand as well as Miền Tây Tourist.

          With the relentless efforts of the Board of Directors and staffs, Miền Tây Tourist has gradually asserted its position in the heart Partners and customers in terms of quality and professional service style . In the future, Miền Tây Tourist try to become one the leading travel company of the Việt Nam tourism and Southeast Asian tourism.

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