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Hong Kong, also known as Hong Kong, is a territory of about 260 islands located in the southeast of the country of China. In volatile periods of history, from the 1842 Hong Kong was a colony of the United Kingdom, until 1997 officially became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Today Hong Kong is known as the pearl of Asia with moderately developed economy, more particularly where it is known as a paradise of cinema industry, tourism, entertainment and shopping . If you come here once'll surely get the experience enjoyable and rewarding deepest.
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DAY 1: City HONGKONG (Dinner)

  • Morning : HDV and Tourism Western welcome at the meeting point and transfer to Tan Son Nhat airport or on columns of 12, port D2 (2nd floor) international terminal at Tan Son Nhat airport , pick up procedures flight to Hong Kong .
  • Noon : Arrive airport Chek Lap Kok local car and HDV welcomed the delegation to visit Temple Tien Huynh (Wong Tai Sin) - one of the ancient temple and the holiest Hong Kong. 
  • Then you check in to hotel. Evening free or to register visit Hong Kong by nights , enjoy a walk around at night between 2 ships shore Kowlon & Peninsula Hong Kong Peninsula.
  • Evening: Overnight in Hong Kong.

DAY 2: HONGKONG v CITY TOUR (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) 

  • Morning: team breakfast and then depart for sightseeing Convention Center & Exhibition Hong Kong - where the handover ceremony of Hong Kong to China on 1-7-1997, and Repulse Bay (Repulse Bay ), Temple of the God of Fortune - You can pray for fortune or resources for children crossing the bridge Truong Tho pray for centenarians live longer.
  • Noon: Lunch team and continue to visit the Jewelry Center .
  • Then you take the car to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre & Star Avenue aka Highway Star - Where honoring the names of the most famous Hong Kong actresses.
  • Evening: dinner Doan and sightseeing Pacific summit (Peak Tower) - panoramic view of Hong Kong city at night . visit the Wax Museum and the world-famous character.
  • Back to the hotel to rest.

DAY 3: HONGKONG v DISNEYLAND   (Breakfast, Dinner)


  • Morning: team breakfast and depart to visit Disneyland , unleash explore and participate in thrilling games, watch cartoons of Walt Disney, enjoy the shows in the area Fantasyland , Adventureland, Tomorrowland ... meet and interact with these legendary characters such as Snow White, Cinderella ... and cute friends such as Mickey Mouse, Dog Pluto, Donald Duck ...
  • Noon: You eat lunch in the self-park and explore Disneyland.
  • In the evening , transfer you at the park & take you out to dinner, then to the hotel to rest. 

DAY 4: HONGKONG v long, eh SON (B, L)


  • Morning: After breakfast, sightseeing car to Tsing Ma Bridge, over Lantau Island & up Great Turkey Son to bless the family, you begin the journey through the mountains cable length 15km - with feeling is great when you are looking at majestic mountains , visit Buu Contact Self   - one of the largest Buddhist centers HongKong, worship Buddha bronze statue weighs 202 tons.
  • Noon: Using Self Vegetarian Union at Buu.
  • Afternoon bus to the center of mass roam freely, shopping at ladies . Guest Dinner excluded.
  • Evening: Back to the hotel to rest. 

DAY 5: HONGKONG Ho Chi Minh City (Breakfast)


  • Morning: Breakfast at hotel, free to roam or rest. Making room procedures.
  • HDV and transfer to airport, catch flight procedures in Vietnam.
  • Arriving at Tan Son Nhat Airport in HCMC. Parting Group, ended the tour.

Shopping Centers:

  • Times Square: 01 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay MRT Station, Exit A.
  • Prince Building, Chater House, The LandMark, MRT Station, Exit K, E, G.
  • Temple Street: Yau Ma Tei MRT Station, Exit C.
  • Ladies Market: Tung Choi Street, Mongkok MRT Station, Exit E.
  • Canton Road, Harbour City, Tsim Sa Tsui MRT Station, Exit E.
  • Dragon Center: 37K Yenchow Street, Sahm Shui Po MRT Station.
  • Pacific Palace: 88 Queensway, Admiralty MRT Station.


  • Children under 2 years: 7.388.000vnd. Eligibility: food, insurance. Sleeping with the family compound.
  • Children 2 to under 11 years: 13.788.000vnd. Eligibility: food, car seat, insurance.
  • Children 12 years and older: the adult tour price. 


  • Hotel: 3-star standards, 2-3 guests / room: Panda, Warney, Newton, Knowloon, City Garden, Samrock ... Or the equivalent hotel.   
  • Eating program
  • SGN Flights - HKG - SGN
  • 2 domestic airport tax + fuel cost + security fee.
  • Visa Hong Kong in groups
  • Newer cars, air conditioned shuttle program.
  • Local Guide + Head Tourism Western Union served throughout the program.
  • Entrance fees according to the program.
  • Gifts: hats, leather passport bags, travel bags.
  •  01 bottles of water / day.
  • You are entitled to Travel Insurance with a maximum 200 million VND / person .


  • The personal expenses: dining programs, telephone, laundry ...
  • Passport.
  • Vietnam Visa for visitors with foreign passports, including overseas Vietnamese (the first time visitors visa), cost 1,300,000 VND / person.
  • Excess baggage under the provisions of aviation.
  • Transportation out of the program and the show at night.
  • Fostering staff restaurants and hotels.
  • Gratuity for local tour guides and drivers: 65,000VND / visitors / day .


  • Passport expiry date of at least 6 months (As of the end of the tour).
  • Guests foreign nationals must have a visa to enter Vietnam before expiry to the date of departure.
  • Guest Vietnam visa exemption may not exceed 90 days from the date of entry until the end of tour.
  • Please provide complete and accurate personal information like: Name ID card or passport, phone numbers, contacts ...

Customers please deposit 8.000.000VND / visitors tour registration and pay before departure end of 10 days.


  • Cancellation before 10 days from the date of departure OR after visa .: non-refundable deposit.
  • Cancellation before 07 days from departure date: 75% penalty on the total tour price.
  • Cancellation after this time limit charge 100% of total tour price.


  • Please submit 2 4 * 6 photo, passport (valid 6 months) originals (if paid before 16 days), submit additional ID card or household registration, passbook 30.000.000vnd if submitted later in time (5 days ago) visa to Hong Kong (Children must be accompanied by a birth certificate and parents). If emergency visa must pay additional charge: in 7 working days is 440.000d / guests, in 6 working days is 660.000d / guests and 5 working days is 1.100.000 / guests.
  • Men, women born from 1981 onwards Hometown Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh ... not go to Hong Kong, or other countries such as Europe, America, Japan, Korea .... What time must have proof of funds or stable job (certified by the agency are working, registered in the name of the paper visa ...) or to deposit 60.000.000vnd.
  • Because the expenses were paid, in case you were consulates refused a visa, you still have to pay the visa fee + translation: VND 500,000 / Guest . Tourism Western tour will refund the deposit to you after deducting the fee.
  • Bring customs declaration Immigration and Visa (for guests are overseas Vietnamese).
  • Gasoline tax rates may change depending on the time of ticket.
  • In case you do not exit and entry because of personal reasons, West Tourism will not be responsible and will not bear the costs incurred and not refunding ticket (in case you do not go be).
  • The order of sights may vary due to objective problems such as weather, traffic going ... but still ensure enough points stated in the program.
  • In the case of force majeure, such as terrorism, riots, natural disasters, changes in airline schedules, trains ... West Tourism Company will actively change the route or cancel the tour due upon Comfort and safety of our customers and is not responsible for compensation for the costs incurred .
  • Identification such as Passport, Visa; money; valuable asset ... you are free to hold, it is best to send in hotel reception room risky situations. South West Tourism is not responsible for any offer you make the case papers misplaced or lost personal property.
  • Flight of the customer's ticket when delegation procedures should necessarily do the same at the union. Due to the Group tickets can not be postponed , if the other days will not be a refund.
  • Children traveling with parents must have a birth certificate, in the absence of accompanying parents must have written authorization from parents for accompanying adults must be certified by the local government.


Time and place focus:

On departure please the customer focus at the office of Western travel company or in column No. 12, Gate D2 (2nd floor) International Terminal go to Tan Son Nhat airport (if there is a change of Tourism Western Union Leader will announce a specific call in the afternoon one day before departure). South West Tourism is not responsible in case focuses not on time.

When you take a taxi to the meeting point, please pay immediately in the car, do not take money or wallet, purse to pay the car off.

Contact Information:

  • Western Union Tourism chief: will provide contact and telephone number for the customer in the afternoon one day before departure.
  • Tour Operator: Nguyen Nhu Huyen Tel: 0946 41 41 42
  • Phone company: 78 0703 9595

Preparation before the trip:

  • Please bring along passport (original).
  • The company has prepared medical box, but you should bring drugs used acquainted with their physical or drug treatment separately (in case guests are treated), and should bring all kinds heating oil, rubbed joints medication ...

Information and contact:

  • Hours earlier Vietnam Hong Kong 1 hour, so please adjust time accordingly.
  • Currency: 1 USD = 7.5 HKD (Hong Kong dollar). Exchange rates are subject to change depending on the time.

    Customers should change the money into dollars or HKD from Vietnam. As the host country can change money at the airport, banks, or through local tour guides change behalf.

  • Traffic in Hong Kong using hand drive systems and traffic laws are made here very seriously. When walking to absolute compliance with traffic laws through the bar to the right, allowing true beacon. You should travel by vehicle is a Taxi.
  • Taxis in Hong Kong about 15 HKD for the first 2km, every next kilometer plus about 1.2 HKD. Also rush hour surcharge, tolls if in restricted areas and major highways. Must wear a seat belt when sitting in the taxi.

    There is also a bus system and subway system that runs through the center of a large, can take a turn or pay using the card to purchase from 1 to 3 days.

  • Calling from Hong Kong to Vietnam: some tables 00.84 + "area code" + xxxxxxx; Mobile Number: 00.84. "Mobile number dropped to 0 at the beginning." Country phone code is 00 852 HK.

Also may call at the public phone booth or card spending dropped coins with different denominations. At the hotel can call on VN but relatively high prices.

  • You remember the phone number of the local Instructor and Head of Tourism Western Union. When going out be sure to bring the customer the hotel name card for easy travel.


  • Vietnam customs regulations if carrying less than $ 5,000 (if carrying Vietnamese currency is just under VND 15,000,000) shall not be required for customs declaration. Buy tax-free if the value returned from 500 USD.
  • Your guests have brought cameras, camera worth over 500 USD Please declared in the customs declaration to not be taxed when entering Vietnam.
  • If carrying tapes to be moderated before carrying out overseas.
  • Luggage: 20kg luggage and letters sent 5kg of hand luggage. If excess to pay the prescribed fee of aviation. Do not bring the kind of national prohibition. Hand luggage is not so sharp objects made of metal.
  • If the customer is overseas Vietnamese or foreigners, please bring Passport, Visa Vietnam, when the Foreign immigration check. Case 1 Visa, Western Travel dispatches and will apply for re-entry procedures in VN under the fee provisions of the Immigration Department of Highway VN, guests must bring two 4x6 photo (white background). South West Tourism Company is not responsible for the case of forgetting or not declared.  

Weather and attire:

  • Weather in Hong Kong with four distinct seasons, spring - Autumn - Winter weather is quite cold, thick warm clothing to wear. Summer is very hot, about June to mid-September, the average temperature is about 38 ° C prolonged heat balance, you should bring clothes and other items suitable sunscreen.
  • Remember to bring your umbrella ranked 1 to prevent the sudden tropical rain.
  • Remember to bring your sneakers or sandals to ride spots, visit the campus.

Eat and drink - Entertainment - Shopping:

  • The local food is cooked to taste the flowers oily prone bored sometimes, you can be brought under cotton scrub or noodles, fresh chilli, fish sauce ... redundant. Where vegetarian diet please press tour registration. Private Customers do have the habit of drinking coffee please bring coffee prepared from Vietnam.
  • The restaurants, cafes or at the local supermarket are served according to your taste States, Japan, Europe ... open very late. When shopping at the local market can offer you a price. Private shopping centers, large supermarkets have quoted prices available. In addition, local tour guides or team leader will direct the customer point of entertainment healthy ...
  • Evening outings are relatively safe, but should avoid traveling alone and deserted in places, traveling in a group can be more convenient by taxi.

General note:

  • For complete tour, please follow the administration of local tour guides and Head of Western Union Tourism focuses hours, visit ... 
  • Customers visiting please come concentrated in groups (HDV flag Tourism Western Union) to hear explanations and avoid mass communication.
  • Tours usually last from morning to night in the hotel.
  • If for any reason the customer left the Group (excluding cases) will be charged additional 1,000,000 VND / day.
  • If you experience problems with the locals, the customer should not be resolved, contact the local team leader or tour guide for assistance.
  • Customers use caution when traveling in the sights, not to stand, climb in unsafe places. Be careful when walking on the street, passers.Families with children please observe and care for your baby carefully.
  • To keep the environment clean tourism, sustainability, please do not litter public places, climb, draw up written monuments. Always respect and preserve cultural identity where you're coming.
  • Absolutely not littering, smoking table where prohibited. Violators will be punished severely.

Sincerely thank you for cooperation! 

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